Gov. Cuomo Signs Legislation Repealing Annual Wage Notification

NYSADA and the Regional Associations worked collectively this past legislative session to eliminate the onerous annual wage notification requirement from the Wage Theft Act of 2010. NYSADA is happy to announce Governor Cuomo has signed a bill (S.5885-B Savino/ A.8106-C Heastie) that does just that.

In a flurry of last minute legislative activity, the Governor on the evening of December 29th acted on thirty-one bills, issuing vetoes on seventeen. One of the bills that he approved addressed the issue of the annual wage notification requirement that was established by the 2010 Wage Theft Prevention Act. The approved bill eliminates
the annual wage notification requirement. However, please note the notification requirement remains in place for all new hires.

This bill was heavily negotiated, and the negotiations continued virtually until the Governor approved the bill. Because of the late action on the bill, there is a glitch in the effective date. As enacted, the bill takes effect sixty days after approval, which would be the end of February. That would have left the requirement for an annual wage notification in place for January 2015. NYSADA's legislative counsel, Hermes Fernandez, brought this glitch to the attention of the Governor's staff as the bill negotiations were being completed. The Governor noted this problem in the approval message he issued when he signed the bill. The glitch will be addressed in the 2015 legislative session. In the meantime, the State Department of Labor has posted a notice on its website stating that "given the pending enactment of this chapter amendment, the Department will not require annual statements in 2015." Dealers, therefore, can forego issuing annual wage notifications in January.

If you have any questions about this issue, please contact the Association at (518) 463-1148 and speak to Ed Richardson (ext. 210) or Peter Marthy (ext.206).

NYSADA Request Member Suggestions for Informational Webinars/Seminars

NYSADA Education Committee Chairman, John McClurg, has asked that we reach out to the membership and ask for recommendations regarding webinar and/or seminar topics that you would find interesting and helpful. Potential topics can run the gamut from State/Federal regulatory compliance issues to business/industry relates subjects.

If you have a suggestion for a webinar and/or seminar either call or email Peter Marthy at 518-463-1148 (ext. 206) or



Join us November 18th – 22nd for our 92nd Annual Convention and Business Meeting at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  For more information, please call Jennifer Davis at 518-463-1148 ext. 326.

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