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About Us

     Founded in 1923 as the Empire State Automobile Merchants Association and renamed in 1943, the New York State Automobile Dealers Association actively represents approximately 1,000 franchised new car and truck dealers in New York State. The association is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in the areas of education, insurance and legislative and regulatory matters for New York dealers. NYSADA, the statewide advocate for franchised dealers, is committed to promoting and maintaining a competitive automotive industry for our members across the Empire State. 

     Located directly across the street from the New York State Capitol, NYSADA diligently advocates for the interests and concerns of its members with the state’s leaders. In fact, NYSADA hosts one of the legislative session’s largest and most highly regarded receptions for state leaders and regulators. NYSADA continually lobbies for your interests in the Senate and Assembly.  We monitored nearly 500 legislative bills in 2010 NYSADA also advocates for dealer concerns to state agencies including the Departments of: Motor Vehicles, Taxation, Transportation, Banking, Insurance, Labor, Environmental Conservation and the Attorney General’s Office.  Whether the issue is assuring fair compensation for dealer registration efforts, protection of the franchise relationship or the prevention of unwarranted interference in the sales process, NYSADA is there to represent dealer interests.

     NYSADA provides ongoing active support, through our Political Action Committee, for elected officials that understand and are sympathetic to the needs of new car and truck dealers.  NYSADA must continue to build and maintain the level of governmental support necessary to further the interests of franchised dealers. The Gold Club is a cornerstone of those efforts.

     The Gold Club provides NYSADA and its members the opportunity to host or attend special events in which dealers can meet elected and appointed government officials. This helps to build mutual respect and understanding.  When a legislative or regulatory issue may arise, NYSADA will then know the official, and the official will know NYSADA.  Issues and points of view will be understood.  More knowledge means better government.

Our History
In 1923, seven individuals, signed a Certificate of Incorporation to form the Empire State Automobile Merchants Association.

The seven originators were:

        Charles W. Bull, Syracuse
        Elbert D. Deane, Binghamton
        Edward H. Baker, Buffalo
        Willard W. Garabrant, Utica
        Walter F.C. Tichborne, Poughkeepsie
        Horace A. Rayno, Albany
        Edwin R. Jackson, New York City

At that time, the seven founders stated it was not practicable to name the town village or city nor to fix the location of the principal office or place of business of the corporation except the same will be in the State of New York.

At some point, an office was established at 190 State Street in Albany. Later, the staff moved into the Albany Garage Building at the corner of William and Beaver Streets, a location they shared with Albany Dodge. Then, in 1963, the current Association building was erected at 37 Elk Street. J. E. Sayles was the Association President that oversaw the building of the new headquarters. John J. Evers was the Executive Vice President and R. Harold Craig Chaired the Real Estate Committee.

On August 5, 1943, under President Peter J. Kaufman, papers were filed to amend the corporate name of the Association to New York State Automobile Dealers, Inc. Under President James Morrell, on June 22, 1999, the corporate name was amended to New York State Automobile Dealers Association, Inc.

While the Association had been in the insurance business through endorsement and recommendation, it formally entered the insurance areas with the establishment of a safety group within the State Insurance Fund in 1949. Members of the group were described in the original application as, “engaged in the selling and servicing of new automobiles.” In 1988, the Group’s management became a formal entity with the formation of Safety Group 430 Management Services, Inc. Designated as Safety Group 430, the program has remained in continuous operation for the last 50 years. Based on the principals of collective buying power and active dealer management, Safety Group 430 has an established, long-standing record of inexpensive, high-quality, no-risk insurance service to its members.

On March 11, 1950, the Association formed the New York Automobile Dealers, Inc. Group Insurance Trust for the purpose of offering “group life and group accident and health insurance on Employees or the Employers and the Dependents or any other group insurance as the Trustees may determine…” The three original Trustees were: George D. Gardner, Charles D. Henderson and William Frame. A review of the original program offered in 1950 – a Hospital/Surgical plan – indicates a “Room & Board” rate of $7.00 and a “Surgical” rate up to $150. The cost for an individual in the plan was $1.30 per month. The Trust currently is underwritten by The New York State Insurance Fund (disability); BlueShield of Northeastern NY and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (health); Delta Dental (dental); and American Medical and Life Insurance Co. (life). The Trust, by its charter, exists for the service of its members and its “Fund” is held separate for their benefit.

A services division was established by the Association in 1998 to benefit members by offering forms and supplies frequently used in dealerships at a discount. The collective buying poser of the statewide association has resulted in reduced prices for essential items for dealerships.

It is not by accident that hundreds of associations are headquartered in Albany, our state’s capital. The principal charge of trade associations is to represent the interest of its members in the halls of the state legislature and various regulatory agencies. The Association has lobbied, almost since its inception, in the Senate, Assembly and Governor’s office for the active support of the needs of new car and truck dealers. NYSADA played a leadership role in the New York Franchise laws enactment in 1984, with favorable amendments successfully achieved in 1992. In 1999, the Association coalesced with others to successfully see the Dealers’ Licensing Bill signed into law by the Governor. Through the filing of an amicus brief, NYSADA was instrumental in the court’s rejection of the California Emission Standards sought by the state in 1998. With the hiring of a prominent and respected lobbying firm in 1998, NYSADA signaled that it intends to be at the forefront in protecting the interest of its members from across the state.

Perhaps the greatest benefit provided by NYSADA, while not inscribed in the Association’s historical records, is the knowledge, insight, experience and camaraderie engendered by the interaction with fellow dealers afforded by membership in this statewide association.

Our Mission Minimize

To be the foremost Automotive Trade Association in the country – to be the best partner to our members, metro associations and community.

To protect and advance the public, government and industry relation’s interests of franchised new car and truck dealers.

To provide accurate and authoritative advice on statutory, regulatory and legislative matters affecting the interests of our members.

To maintain and enhance the quality, scope and nature of membership services offered by the Association to New York’s franchised new car and truck dealers.

To foster a spirit of cooperation, general good fellowship and mutual understanding among members of the Association.

To consistently evaluate existing member services and aggressively explore new options in order to ensure that the Association continues to serve the essential business needs of automotive dealers.

To build upon the Association’s reputation as one of New York’s leading business advocacy organizations.


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