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NYSADA Dealer Services


Auto Cap

provides a non-confrontational resolution to dealer/customer disputes (1-800-342-9208)

ACECO Hole-In-One

Competitive Premiums and Your policy comes with FREE customizable tee signs, FREE shipping and a FREE bonus prize package worth $1,750 for your other par 3 holes. For a few dollars more you can upgrade to the Platinum prize package, worth over $4,500. Plus we offer flexible yardage requirements, prize value coverage up to $200,000 and unlimited target hole reimbursement. For a free no-obligation quote click here.

Dealer Education

Dealer Education in the form of bi-weekly Webinars together with periodic seminars covering such topics as: environmental issues, DMV Compliance, Wage-Hour, Sales Tax, Advertising Regulations, Manufacturer/Dealer Issues and much more, For information on our latest webinars, call Peter Marthy at 518-463-1148 ext. 206

Express Duplicate Title Service

3 Day Turnaround ! Nobody Does it Faster!
For Immediate processing Application Can Be Faxed/Emailed In. Try us today!

The Group Insurance Trust

The Group Insurance Trust offers members a variety of insurance plans including medical, dental, disability, life as well as Long Term Care, Medical Bridge, Critical Illness and Cancer coverage. For more information please contact Jeff Scardino at 518-463-1148 ext.321, or jeff@nysada.com.

SNYADS Insurance Agency

SNYADS Insurance Agency
provides NYSADA's members with a Surety Bond program and Event Cancellation, Prize Indemnity (Hole In One), Weather Insurance and Special Event Liability. Call Jeff Scardino for further information, 518-463-1148 ext. 321

Safety Group 430

Safety Group 430 has been benefiting dealers for over 60 years as the largest, competitively priced and most effective workers' compensation program for franchised new car and truck dealers in New York State. Call Jeff Scardino for more information 518-463-1148 ext. 321

SNYADS Services

SNYADS Services
is a source of quality products and services including forms, ad specialities, body shop supplies and logo wear. Call Jenny LaFreniere ext. 318 for all your business needs.

NYSADA Is a Proud Member of

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Attorney General Schneiderman Announces Arrest of 8 Motor Vehicle Inspectors
Attorney General Schneiderman Announces Arrest of 8 Motor Vehicle Inspectors
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced the arrests of eight New York City motor vehicle inspectors who issued more than 13,000 fraudulent inspection certificates to untested vehicles. Each d...


NYSADA and ENYCAR to Jointly Sponsor Franchise Reform Act Seminar/Webinar

The New York State Auto Dealers Association, together with the Eastern New York Coalition of Automotive Retailers (ENYCAR) will be sponsoring an informational seminar/webinar to review the new provisions of the Franchise Reform Act. This session is scheduled for July 24th, 9:30 am at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. Explaining the new changes will be NYSADA Legislative Counsel Hermes Fernandez. He will be joined by Lou Young of the Mironov Group.

NYSADA, will also make this program available to the statewide membership in the form of a webinar which will be broadcast at the same time as the live session.

See the inserted flyer to register, or contact Peter Marthy at 518-463-1148 (ext. 206) or peterm@nysada.com.


NYSADA Request Member Suggestions for Informational Webinars/Seminars

NYSADA Education Committee Chairman, John McClurg, has asked that we reach out to the membership and ask for recommendations regarding webinar and/or seminar topics that you would find interesting and helpful. Potential topics can run the gamut from State/Federal regulatory compliance issues to business/industry relates subjects.

If you have a suggestion for a webinar and/or seminar either call or email Peter Marthy at 518-463-1148 (ext. 206) or peterm@nysada.com.



GIT Wellness Programs Foster Health and Limit Costly Claims

No matter which Group Insurance Trust (GIT) plan a dealership has, it includes a “Wellness” component. This aspect of the coverage can result in improved employee health and the prevention of expensive claims. All GIT plans provide for an annual physical at no out-of-pocket cost to the employee. To meet this standard, the doctor’s office must code the claim as a wellness/prevention visit. This examination can result in the early detection of a medical condition that, caught early enough, can be controlled or alleviated.

Published studies have indicated that an annual physical often has a very positive impact on a individual’s health and could forestall costly claims for conditions that at the time of the examination had reveled no symptoms. Preventative testing that includes, but is not limited to, mammograms and colonoscopies may prove invaluable to a patient’s health. For your employees’ further information regarding wellness and preventive examination and testing availability, contact the GIT Customer Service Department at 518-463-1148.

Safety Group 430's Comprehensive Claims Management Saves Dollars

Safety group 430 has enhanced its claims management process to provide increased efficiency and more favorable outcomes for its members. The Group has assembled an in-house team of claims professionals with broad experience in worker’s compensation, medical claims, back-to-work programs and claim’s closure. Their efforts are augmented, when needed, by the expertise of the Group’s consultants.

There are two essential components of a dealership’s safety program: 1) accident prevention, and 2) claims handling. Obviously, the best claim is one that never happens, but once there is a work-related accident, how it is handled is crucial. Safety Group 430’s new, innovative claims management process is constituted to minimize the costs of claims. Claims costs are the essential component in calculation of the dealership’s Experience Modification Factor. This factor is used by insurers in determining premium rates.

Additionally, the new handling procedures will identify claims trends. This will enable Safety Group 430’s safety professionals to counsel dealers in regard to preventing similar claims in the future. This can involve new safety practices and/or purchase of safety equipment. As an example, a recent review of one dealership’s loss record indicated several claims for hand lacerations. Further investigation revealed that scraping off windshield stickers was the cause. Basic razor blades were being used. The dealer was shocked by this revelation of a bad practice within his service area. While the costs of the claims wasn’t off-setting, the frequency was. Frequency of claims is weighted more heavily in computing future premium rates than is severity. Too often its only the large claims that are focused on.

A component of the Group’s claim’s strategy in reducing the frequency of claims will be to recommend self-payment of so called, “first aide claims.” This will be proposed only when the nature of the claim meets industry practice and guidelines for such an approach. Even in the event of self-payment, proper documentation of the incident is essential should the claim evolve into a more serious loss.

Part of the claims process is periodic claims review with dealers and their safety teams. These consultations review the status of claims and cases pending. They can be either face-to-face within the dealership or conducted by telephone. The result of this overview can be the recommendation that an employee return to work. Our professionals will assist the dealership in formulating that strategy.

Off-Premise Sales Events

NYSADA has received several calls inquiring about the proper procedure for holding an off-premises sales event. With that in mind, it may be useful to review a few pertinent points.

Although legislation has been proposed over the last several years granting all consumers a one- or three-day cooling off period, at the present time this statute applies only to consumers who buy a vehicle at an off-premises event. This is due to these sales being governed by the “door to door sales act” in the New York State Personal Property Law and by the Federal Trade Commission’s “cooling off rule.” Both laws apply to sales at a place other than the seller’s normal place of business. If you participate in an off-premises sales event, you must make sure that you have:

• Written permission from DMV to sell at some place other than your licensed facility,
• A stamp for all Buyers’ Orders that tells the buyer of the three-day right to cancel, and a separate “notice of cancellation” form to be

Off-premise Sales Eventssent to you if the buyer changes his/her mind within that three-day time period.

However, if you only display vehicles at one of the above mentioned shows and the buyer comes to your place of business to formalize the transaction and take possession of the vehicle, the three-day right of cancellation does not apply. If you have any questions please contact the association at 518.463.1148 and speak with Ed Richardson (x210) or Peter Marthy (x206).

Consumer Auto Financing
Find Your Legislator

Join us November 19th – 23rd for our 91st Annual Convention and Business Meeting at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, featuring an Exclusive Welcome Party in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™  at Universal Orlando® Resort. For more information please call Jennifer Davis at 518-463-1148 ext. 326 or click here.








Tue, 02 Sep 2014 07:56:43 -0400

Andy Palmer, the car-guy chief planning officer at Nissan, who was once tipped as a possible future CEO, is leaving the company to head UK sports-car maker Aston Martin.

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Wolfgang Ziebart, head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, is guiding the expansion of the Land Rover and Jaguar ranges.

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Volvo's U.S. dealerships will receive about a third of the 80,000 XC90 units built annually when the brand's redesigned flagship crossover is running at full capacity.

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The re-engineered 2016 Hyundai Elantra gets major changes to its sheet metal and proportions. This spy photo shows a longer and sleeker sedan, with bigger front and rear overhangs and a hood that looks stretched from the current version.

Mon, 01 Sep 2014 05:01:00 -0400

That tsunami of cheap cars from China predicted to hit U.S. shores has been slow in coming.

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