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It seems that every year becomes pivotal within state government for the New York Automobile Dealers Association (NYSADA). 2018 promises to be no exception. Fortunately, the staunch relationships with the leaders of our state’s government that NYSADA has forged should stand our members in good stead.

In addition to its endeavors to affirmatively advocate for its members, NYSADA must be constantly vigilant to the attacks on new car and truck dealers that rear themselves in the form of proposed bills during every legislative session. In 2018, as in the past, NYSADA will carefully review each introduced bill and voice opposition to any that would prove damaging.

In addition to NYSADA’s ongoing lobbying efforts in the Senate and Assembly, NYSADA advocates for dealer interests within state agencies including the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Taxation, Transportation, Financial Services, Labor Environmental Conservation and the Attorney General’s office. Whether the issue is assuring fair compensation for dealers, balance in the franchise relationship or the prevention of unwarranted interference in the sales process, NYSADA is in the forefront representing dealers’ interest. Being located directly across the street from the New York State Capital facilitates NYSADA’s continual advocacy for its members within the halls of government.

The State Senate has been closely divided between the two political parties. For the past several years, there has been a unique arrangement between the Republicans and a handful of Democrats.  All these ebbs and flows in power underline the critical need for dealers to be strongly represented in Albany. Ironically, bad legislation is sometimes popular legislation. To combat these perceptions, legislators need to be educated about the automobile industry and the negative impact legislation can impose on it. Built on the strong foundation of our success, NYSADA stands ready to meet the challenge. NYSADA will continue to meet with State government leaders no matter who they may be. NYSADA’s Governmental Affairs Committee, comprised of your fellow dealers, continually reviews the impact that proposed laws and regulations may have on franchised dealers, manufacturers, distributors, lenders and consumers. The Committee is unwavering in striving to improve the interaction between franchised dealers and state government.

NYSADA also has a Political Action Committee and a Gold Club to interract directly with our state’s leaders. The PAC supports those elected officials that demonstrate an understanding of and sympathy for the business needs of new car and truck dealers. The Gold Club takes our PAC efforts one step further by bringing dealers and leaders together for the mutual benefit of our industry. Vigilance, advocacy and political support are the keys to effective representation.

Government Relations Minimize

NYPAC & Gold Club & NADA PAC

In order to have an impact on the legislative process and the passage of legislation which is important to the viability and indeed, survival of our business, we must be unified and dedicated in both areas.

Historically, our PAC contributions have gotten us recognition from and access to legislators and regulators in New York. Your significant response to our requests for letters, calls, and faxes to your Senator or Assemblyman, or occasionally the Governor, have made us a huge factor in the Capital.

Now we are asking you to help us do more to protect and preserve our franchises and our investment. The NYPAC Gold Club enables us to host several separate legislative events during the year providing our NYSADA team the opportunity to get to know and interact with our legislators.

The NADA PAC is the National Automotive Dealers' Association's Federal Political Action Committee to provide financial assistance to the election campaigns of pro-automotive candidates to the U.S. House and Senate.



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