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"The expertise
and attention to
detail that Dunn
Resources brings
has resulted in
savings. The ROI
on our investment
with Dunn has been

-Garber Automotive

Automobile Dealers are constantly looking for ways to cut down costs and NYSADA works hard to help steer them in that direction.
Your Tax Rate Needs to be Reviewed!

- Over 11% of the benefits charged to NY employers' accounts are in error
- Over $200 million in erroneous charges were made in 2016 alone by the state of NY
- Crucial Voluntary Contributions are missed every year by employers across the state of NY
- The NY Tax Table is one of the most sensitive in the nation, allowing one oversight to raise your rate- costing thousands
The Tax Professionals at Dunn Corp Can...
- Alert you to high tax rates that can be driving down your profits
- Identify what could be causing an avoidable rise in your tax rate
- Show what savings your dealerships could be experiencing
- Answer any UI or HR related questions for your team

To take advantage of this Member Opportunity, fax/email/submit your dealership information on the form below and a Dunn Corporate Resources representative will reach out within 2-3 business days with your Free Analysis!
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