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Get a Complimentary F&I Review
Zurich will provide a review of your dealership's policies and procedures in the following areas:

advertising, worksheets, buyer's order, credit applications, consumer reports, privacy notice, red flags, adverse action, retail installment sales contracts, ancillary product presentation, fees and charges, miscellaneous documents, safeguarding and disposal, non-specific misc. record retention

Since the recession, we've doubled our business and gone from nine locations to 18. We'd switched to Zurich's F&I products in 2008 at the beginning of the recession, which was a pretty smart move. Our Business has seen a huge increase in revenue. We're selling thousands more cars every year and our PVR is up by more than $350 per unit.

A lot of that is a result of the consistency and predictability of Zurich's process. When we're looking at buying a store, we can plug in the numbers and see the potential. I've never bought a store that was making money. But with Zurich's F&I, I've never had a store that wasn't turning a profit within three months.

Aaron Zeigler
President, Zeigler Automotive Group

For more Information, please contact:

Doug Avery (607) 425-4462
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