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The Association, in an attempt to constantly advance our level of membership services, now provides members with specialized advice at no charge from established firms closely aligned with NYSADA. We are pleased to offer you specialized advice in the following areas: Legal, F&I Compliance and Accounting. The participating firms include:


Bellavia Blatt
Bond Schoeneck & King
Bressler, Amery & Ross
DeGraff , Foy, Kunz & Devine
LaBonte Law Group


WithumSmith+Brown, PC
WEST & Co.
Citrin Cooperman
Richards, Witt & Charles, LLP

F & I Compliance


Property & Casualty Insurance


The Hotline has been designed for easy use. Your initial LEGAL CALL should be addressed to staff counsel Ed Richardson (ext. 210) F&I COMPLIANCE & ACCOUNTING CALLS should be addressed to either Ed Richardson or Peter Marthy (ext. 206). Your issue or question will then be analyzed and answered or you will be directed to contact one of our outside specialists. In the event that specialized legal, F&I compliance or accounting advice is required, you will be given a referral number to contact one of our participating firms for their review and advice.Your questions will be answered immediately or shortly after research of related information. There is no cost to dealer members for this service. Call NYSADA at 518.463.1148 or 1.800. 916.9723.


Auto Cap

provides a non-confrontational resolution to dealer/customer disputes (1-800-342-9208)
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